Reverse Osmosis NWE Series

Optimalized design to meet the needs of smaller vessels. Extremely compact.

Available options: Technical Water

  • Capacity: 5 – 50 tons/day
  • Main dimensions from: L: 1,4m x W: 0,6m x H: 0,9m
  • Dry weight from from: 190 kg
  • Power consumption: 5-8 kW
  • Selected references: DOF, Eidesvik, Sunstone Ships, Deutsche Fischfang, Utkilen

NWE-Series Potable Water

Product NoUnitCapacity*
ZX-0401NWE1-55 m³/day- <330ppm
ZX-0402NWE2-1010 m³/day- <330ppm
ZX-0404NWE4-2020 m³/day- <330ppm
ZX-0406NWE8-3030 m³/day- <330ppm
ZX-0407NWE2-4040 m³/day- <330ppm
ZX-0408NWE3-5050 m³/day- <330ppm

NWE-Series Technical Water

Product NoUnitCapacity*
ZX-0402.UNWE2-10/510 m³/day - <330ppm
5 m³/day - <15ppm
ZX-0404.UNWE4-20/1520 m³/day - <330ppm
15 m³/day - <15ppm
ZX-0406.UNWE8-30/2030 m³/day - <330ppm
20 m³/day - <15ppm

* Given capacity is for guidance only. We will meet your defined capacity requirement with minor adjustments within our existing designs.

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