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Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a well-known process which has been under continuous development since the 1950s. The technology, by means of membranes and high pressure, is commonly applied to convert seawater into freshwater, removing the salt and other effluent materials from the water molecules.

Relative to alternative sources for freshwater at sea, reverse osmosis may be preferred due to:

  • Increased access to freshwater
  • Improved and stable quality of freshwater
  • Increased flexibility in operation
  • Easy installation
  • Low energy consumption
  • Environmental friendly option
  • Low cost
  • Compact design
  • High grade materials
  • Easy maintenance access
  • High pressure pump specially designed for RO
  • System design reducing operational cost
  • Experienced supplier to offshore & navy, reflected in quality of products, documentation and customer service
  • Increasing international network
  • Small & dedicated company with flexibility, short decision lines and top customer service

Norwater has great focus on a «system design & -delivery».

To ensure correct quality of seawater before the fine-filtration with membranes in the RO-unit, a pre-filtration of the seawater is required. Depending on actual conditions (seawater quality, capacity, flow, etc) this may be done by Ultrafiltration, Mechanical filtration, Multimedia filtration or High Flow filtration. Norwater will upon given criteria, case by case recommend the best possible solution.

Minerals are added to the RO-produced freshwater by means of a mineralizing filter, before stored on the freshwater tank. As a final barrier of bacteria, it is recommended to have a UV between the freshwater tank and the water distribution system.

Norwater offers this complete package.

Freshwater systems from Norwater may be used for different purposes / applications;
  • For potable/drinking water on vessels/rigs at sea
  • For cleaning purposes onboard vessels/rigs requiring extremely clean freshwater (fex chemical carriers’ tank cleaning)
  • For removal of lice and treatment of AGD within the fish farming
  • For landbased installations where there is a shortage of freshwater in combination with access of seawater

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