Containerized System

A containerized solution may be a preferred solution due to reasons such as:

  • Not available space for a freestanding installation under deck
  • Time limited demand

For certain ship/rig applications, a containerized RO system may be the preferrable option to cover freshwater demand. Systems may be fully or partly containerized, as best suited in terms of available space. Typically for larger capacity systems with limited space, the prefiltration is integrated in the ship below deck and pump/membrane containers are placed on deck.

Connecting piping to/from/between Norwater components is client supply. Interface points will be:

  • Sea water in
  • Potable water out (to tank)
  • Waste water out
  • Freshwater supply for flushing
  • Electric supply
  • Air supply (instrument and container atmosphere)

Norwater can offer various size of RO systems installed in containers, both for purchase and rental.

Selected references:

  • Ronja Star, Live Fish Carrier – Scottish Salmon Company – 10,500m3/day
  • Ronja Fisk, Live Fish Carrier – Sølvtrans – 6,000 m³/day
  • Ronja Vest, Live Fish Carrier – Sølvtrans – 3,000 m³/day
  • Marsali, Live Fish Carrier – Migdale Transport – 3,000 m³/day
  • Breivik Vannanlegg, Landbased – Bodø Kommune – 50 m³/day
  • Qatargas – 120 m³/day