World Wide Service

Products & Services

To seek the best possible experience with our products,
we would like to present the various After Sales Products &
Services we can offer:

  • Commissioning
  • Training
  • Spare parts
  • Service – Inspection or Repair
  • Service Agreement


We always recommend to have a Norwater representative
onboard to do commissioning. This would include a
verification of the system installation, as well as initial
start-up of the system.


Could preferably be combined with commissioning if crew is
present. Introduction and familiarization of the products to
ensure correct and safe operation.

Spare parts

To ensure stable and continuous operation, we
recommend to have a set of spare parts onboard. This may
include both consumable spares as well as critical long lead
items to avoid shut down.

Norwater aims to stock spares in Norway, in line with client demand.

Service – Inspection or Repair

If a breakdown or failure of operation occurs – or to
prevent such, we are ready to assist you. Some cases can
be easily solved with assistance from our office based on
good pictures/reports. We can also offer to visit the
installation with objective to avoid trouble or repair.

Service Agreement

We can offer our customers a Service Agreement, where a
Norwater representative does a regular inspection of the
system at a pre-agreed interval. With a minimum once per
year inspection, such Agreement would include beneficial
service rates and discount on spare parts.