Customized Systems

Norwater large capacity freshwater of potable- and cleaning water may be applied to;

  • Well boats for the fish farming industry
  • Fish farming
  •  Landbased installations
  • Service boats for the fish farming industry

References for large systems include both well boats and fish farms.

The salmon-farming industry has over recent years experienced 2 main challenges, salmon lice and Amoebic gill disease (AGD). Freshwater, as a natural environment for salmon, is by various sources seen as one of the best means to counter these challenges. Reverse Osmosis as technology to produce freshwater from seawater has been around for decades.

From more than 500 deliveries to the marine-, navy-, offshore-, landbased- and fishfarming industries all over the world, Norwater AS has vast experience in the supply of RO Freshwater Maker Systems.

The general Norwater system philosophy is never compromised. An efficient pre-filtration is absolutely vital for the reverse osmosis process to be succesful.

Norwater offers both freestanding- and containerised solutions with unlimited
capacity, depending on application at hand, available space and client preferences.

All larger capacity systems are in general designed with an important possibility of an energy recovery device to be included in the Reverse Osmosis process.
A significant part (40-60%) of the input energy is recovered and re-used in the process.